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2 lb. - *DECAF* Maya Royal Select MWP Decaf (wholesale)

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Flavor Profile: mellow & sweet, with notes of milk chocolate & strawberry

Source: Ethiopia

Region: Sidamo, Oromia

Farm: Various small-holder farms

Altitude: 1500 masl

Processing: Mountain Water Process (decaffeination)

We don't drink (or sell) much decaf coffee, but when we do, you better believe it's a good one. Most traditional decaf coffees have the caffeine removed using a chemical process. Some of the best decaf coffees, however, are decaffeinated using a water-based processing method. The green coffee beans are either steamed or soaked in hot water to expand their pores, then soaked in water and a blend of coffee solids. This soaking process removes the caffeine but leaves the natural oils in the beans. The caffeine is then filtered out and the beans are dried and ready to be roasted.

This decaf coffee comes from Sidamo in the Oromia region of Ethiopia, which is already known for producing phenomenal coffees. It has a nice mellow sweetness to it with a medium body. So if you need to limit your caffeine intake but refuse to drink bad coffee, we got your back. You will not be disappointed.